Things to Explore in Sri Lanka

Beauty of Sri Lanka
Evening view of Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sri Lanka, Wonder of Asia. IF you’re planning to visit and explore Sri Lanka in the future, here is the list of things to explore in Sri Lanka. Trust me, it is one of those countries that will actually feel you with sad leaving. People of Sri Lanka are inspiring, offers some adventurous places and magnificent scenic sites that will let you enjoy and unspoken. Well, there are many things to explore in Sri Lanka. Travelers would barely able to scratch the surface of Sri Lanka in exploring it in a month. It’s advisable of manage to see a lot more gold rated place and experience the featuring effects of Sri Lanka. Here is the thing or two of what travelers should explore in Sri Lanka when they visit this beautiful and gorgeous island nation. Want a resource of things to explore in Sri Lanka? Stated below!

Exploring Sri Lanka:

Elephant Playground – The Pinnawala:

Want to enjoy the scenic beauty of seeing two elephants playing together? Come face to face with the playful Sri Lankan for enjoying the scene. It is named by the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Well, this nursery serves too many of the elephants and also performs some captive breeding programs. It’s a home to more than 80 to 90 elephants in Sabaragamuwa province. It also offers a larger than a life adventure to the orphanage elephants in the country.

The travellers re allowed to bottle feed the baby elephants. You can also help them wet during their bath and also helps in serving in lunch. But, just make sure you’re watching up your toes!!

Visit the World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka:

Sigiriya mountain
UNESCO stated – Sigiriya

If you’re very much anxious and interesting in exploring the World Heritage sites by UNESCO, Sri Lanka is the right place for enjoying the scenic beauty of world heritage. UNESCO claims eight most beautiful and ancient world heritage sites that simply packed in a nutshell in a just a small island nation namely Sri Lanka.

Taking from the sacred cities like Anuradhapura, and Kandy, to the ancient and historical Kingdom of Polonnaruwa are its historical scenic views that should not be missed by the travelers exploring Sri Lanka. Don’t forget the impenetrable Rock Fortress and the impressive Dambulla temple. Even the Dutch fortifications at Galle and the sinharaja forest remains are its replicate fort beauty. According the world heritage UNESCO, Sri Lanka is the best place to visit.

Find some paradise by visiting to silent places and beaches:

Don’t want to travel with the crowds all around you and in need of silent but scenic beauties, visit up the beaches and the forests of Sri Lanka. Skip the crowd, the high prices of European Riviera and finding off a spot by the tourist in search of sun.

Well, Sri Lanka consists of a spread over 1300 to 1400 km of beach area, fun sections and relaxation parts too. If you’re really interested in a standalone trip or intending a perfect end to your trip, the Sri Lankan island nation is simply surrounded by natural ingredients like coconut palm fringed shorelines, the powdered sand and the turquoise blue water, you cannot afford to miss at all. Taking from watching up the whales, Tranquil Nilaveli to the packed actions of Bentota, travelers are availed with the beach arena.

Little England’s Tea Plantations:

Exploring Sri Lanka is a good choice because it too offers the travelers with different historical as well as the trending sites. The tea plantation, nested in the heart of the hills, basically the formal colonial of Nuwara Eliya or you can say the Little England is termed to be the home of Sri Lanka’s oldest estate of tea.

You can simply explore it by the way of using bicycle from a tea plantation to another tea planation. You’re also offer with tasting of tea similar to the wine trip but with a little amount of change, properly you won’t have any headache this time!! You can simply learn and know about the history of Ceylon teas, the very existence and the role they play in Sri Lankan religion and culture and everything about it from making a cup of tea to the cultivation. Don’t like much of tea? You can simply opt for a tea infused culinary teachings, rejuvenating yourself by herbal treatments and enjoy the therapeutic tea massage.

Sri Lankan tour by rails:

Enjoy the back in time by enjoying the voyage of golden era of travel i.e. through rails. Enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding Sri Lanka with the charming ride through rails. The colonial trains of Sri Lanka offer you to explore the heart of Sri Lanka.

Well, originally it was built up for transporting the grown spices and teas from the mountains of Sri Lanka to the Colombo’s port. These ancient rails offers with line chugs and passes through the rolling tea cultivations, hidden water falls, spice gardens, and some of the smiling rail garden vendors would come up your way for hospitality.

Taste the flavors of Sri Lanka:

Tastes of Sri Lanka
Image of different Tastes of Sri Lanka

Enjoy the taste Sri Lankan spices and cuisine Take the flavors imported by Arab traders, mix up the European cuisines from the early colonialists, a simple dash and give you taste buds of East Asian flavors and garnish it by sprinkling it with the taste of South Indian seasoning, and trust me, you’re going to get a dish packed with the exotic flavors and different spices are all summed up in Sri Lanka.

There are different, popular and magical dishes available in Sri Lanka that will increase the curiosity of your taste buds. You will only find these types of flavors and spices in Sri Lanka. Taking from the popular food streets Like Kottu Roti and a sip of Sri Lankan drink is the best thing which you can sit back and enjoy the way you like.

Well, according to me, Sri Lanka offers you with taking your palate to the place where you haven’t been before anytime. Enjoy the scenic beauty with the ingredients of Sri Lanka.

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