Things To Look In Your Travel Insurance

Point to consider for travel insuarnce
Things to look in travel insuarnce

Travel insurance is very important that too when you are planning to travel for a very long period of time and that too at a distant destination. You might not realize but there are plenty of things that can happen with you while you are travelling. Now you cannot have any kind of control on the things that can happen but the least you can do is to plan as to what you can do to get out of that happening. This is what travel insurance is all about. Travel insurance can cover each and everything for when you are away. It can cover the cost of losing the possessions in case of theft or robbery; it covers your medical expenses while you are away and many other things also. For getting the cover of right things, you need to buy right travel insurance. There are many things which should look in your travel insurance before buying it. You need to check out for many things while choosing travel insurance. If you don’t look out for the right things in your travel insurance, there is no point of having one. If you are new to this and you are properly aware as to what to look in your travel insurance then here is a list of things to look in your travel insurance.

  • What if flight is missed

There are chances and circumstances where you miss the flight, sometimes because of carelessness and sometimes because of the genuine reasons. However in these situations, you will probably lose your money. It might happen you get trapped in the excessive traffic or your train gets delayed while going to the airport, however in  all these circumstances, it’s not your fault that you missed the flight but ultimately you will lose your money even if you have travel insurance. If you have opted for basic travel insurance, it won’t be giving you coverage for compensation of missing the flight or even cover for the new flight of yours. Hence this is one of the basic things you should be looking in your travel insurance. Search for the type of travel insurance which covers such missed flight. Also ask for the things you will need for making the claim. In certain policies, you need to prove that you left your home in proper time to reach the flight.

  • Treatment to your belongings

One of the essential to look out in your travel insurance is treatment to your belongings. Well the insurer will always expect that you will take due care of your belongings. If you are not doing so and the insurer catches, he might refuse from paying the compensation. There is several travel insurance which might not give you the coverage of accidental cash loss or cover the theft if it is missing when you have it safely in your room or you lost it in your person. Say for example if you left your money in the restaurant while dining or left the purse out and gone for surfing and you lost it then such things will not be covered under insurance.

  • Cancellation

Inclusion of flight cancellation in travel insurance
Travel insurance including flight cancellation

You buy the travel insurance in advance or buy on the day you are leavi8ng for travel, you will have to pay the same amount of money. It’s advisable to pay in advance only. By doing so, you will be able to cover in case there is any cancellation of flight or any scenario. Well there are also certain criteria for this and you cannot claim it just like that. You need to have valid reasons of cancellation and the4n you will be provided with compensation. Make sure before opting for any travel insurance you check with the insurer as to in what circumstances you will be getting compensation in case of cancellation. Make sure to check the documents of the policy properly before you choose that travel insurance.

  • Restriction on duration of trip

While you choose the type of travel insurance, it is very important to check as to for how many days on a constant level, you are getting your cover for. This limit can be different based on the policy and the policy provider. If you are surpassing this limit even for a single day then you will make your policy invalid and you will covered for anything any further.

  • Non inclusive destinations

Before you choose the travel insurance policy, make sure to see that the destination you are going is covered in that policy otherwise the policy is of no use for you. Now you would be thinking that for sure the destination would be included but it is not so. There are plenty of different policies and when you are not sure what you are searching for then it can be really very confusing. Say for example there are several policies which include countries like Egypt and turkey under Europe only whereas on a contrary there are certain policies which don’t include them under Europe. Hence if you are travelling to Egypt and buy an insurance of Europe which is not covering Egypt, your money will go in vain. Hence make sure to check your destination in your cover.

  • Holidays with activities

Activities to consider while taking travel insurance
Holidays with activities

If you are going to a destination having various activities to be done then it need to be clarified while choosing travel insurance. There has be clarification about any medical issues or any such present condition of yours with the insurance provider. However beneficial it proves to you to be quite but don’t do this and tell all the medical issues you have. There are certain policies which would give you cover of hazardous activities if there are any to be done by you during your trip where as there are certain policies which refuse to cover such hazardous activities. If you are going to any destination in winter then clarify that as you might be skiing and that can be dangerous activity too.

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