Tips For Getting Best Deals On Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms decorated in yellow
Best deals on hotel rooms

What everyone wants to hear is that they want just one or two apps which will always offer them with best deals on hotel rooms. Sorry but it cannot be possible. What worked for the last months’ vacation to Hawaii might not work for this month’s business trip to Dubai. Even it will not work again for the same place. A price of hotel rooms is very fluctuating. It keeps on changing on daily basis, sometimes even on hourly basis depending upon the demand. Certain times, one site would have the best deals on hotel rooms as per you want and dome times other times other would have. You just need to keep on checking all of them and comparing all of them. Many of the times, you can get the best deals on hotel rooms by trying out the old school technique by talking on the phone or just showing up. This will drive the tech addicted people crazy but it’s the truth. They think that internet is the best source for finding the low rates, but it is not the case always. However it is good place to start with and gets an idea by sitting at home only. Here are some of the tips for getting best deals on hotel rooms.

  • Call the hotel

Before you book any hotel room, call up at the hotel itself. Make sure to call at the specific location only where you want to stay and not at any of its chain. Try and call during the business hours for checking out whether the offer is equal to the rates which you have found online or not. Many of the times they will also add some of the extra facilities like free wi-fi, late checkout or even breakfast. This will also avail you with maximum flexibility as don’t have any need to pay in advance, along with that you will also not have to deal with any third party if anything goes wrong or if you find a cheap alternative.

  • Know the total cost

Certain hotels charge resort fees which might not be included in the online price. There might be extra charges for breakfast, wi-fi and use of gym. Thus if you think you have got the best deals on hotel rooms, then check whether these things are included or you have to pay extra for that. It can also be possible that you also have to pay a high cost for parking your vehicle. To avoid such unpleasant surprises while getting best deals on hotel rooms, its better ask beforehand only that whether the fees are included or not if not then what would be the extra cost.

  • Consider hotel which don’t appear on major search sites

There are many small hotels which don’t want to commissions to search sites and hence they avoid participating. When you are searching for best deals on hotel rooms and you call such hotels, you are usually talking to the manager or the owner who are empowered to offer you a good discount. If possible you should directly go the hotels for making reservations. By doing so, you can negotiate in a better manner.

  • Consider something large

If you are planning for a longer period of time or you are going with your family to have a big trip, you should consider renting an apartment or house. These could be probably the kind of best deals on hotel rooms. There are also certain sites which gives booking of such homes or apartment. Many of these also charge cleaning fee extra so consider this factor while calculating total cost while getting best deals on hotel rooms. Here you also have kitchen and hence you can save on food by cooking yourself.

  • Use coupon codes

When you are on a road trip, pick some of the coupon books at convenience stores and rest stops. All these coupons offered by the owners of these franchises generally beat the national deals which are advertised on chain websites.

  • Travel without reservation

When you want to get best deals on hotel rooms, it’s advisable to travel without reservations only. But of course this depends upon the time and season. This is not going to work when you want to travel to Paris that too in peak season. Thus you also have to see the season of travel when you want to get the best deals on hotel rooms. Try for a new hotel as it will have so many empty rooms and will also have a low price. This is a great tip for getting the best deals on hotel rooms. You can also go and check the room before you finalize it and make the payment.

  • Check what others are paying

There are many sites which also allow you to check what other people are paying. This will also give you idea as to what you should pay in which season.

  • Be careful while making advance payment

While finding best deals on hotel rooms, if you come across any of the scheme which offers you with great discount but has a policy of making advance payment then you should make proper research and then opt for making advance payment.  Read all the terms and conditions before making advanced payment. One of the important things to consider is also to check what it will cost for cancelling the booking.

  • Check out for daily deal sites

There are many sites which gives deals on daily basis. When you want to get the best deals on hotel rooms, you must check all these sites on regular basis. By this you can come across any of the great offer. When you are dealing with such sites, you need to prompt or let’s say extra alert. If you find something really beneficial then you need to act instantly and go for booking it right away. As it is a daily deal site, chances are there the deal changes instantly and you will lose the opportunity to grab the best deals on hotel rooms.