Top 4 Place to Visit in Dubai

Four people skydiving in Dubai
Day light image of Dubai

Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates. It is listed in the top most hot vacation attractions in UAE. Briefly, Dubai is a city of shopping malls and high rises has shown a tremendous transformation itself from a desert to a destination of tours and travel. It’s simply the vacation spot, enjoying with families, and enjoy people flocking around bargaining. There are any featuring effects like different and attractive place to visit in Dubai, enjoying varied things in Dubai and many more. Dubai is now very much well known for its sightseeing attractions for the travelers like Burj Al-Arab and Bruj Khalifa.

We all know about the famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Don’t forget to visit the interesting mammoth aquariums, indoor ski slopes and the giant shopping malls that are proved to be the signature of Dubai. But, Dubai not only offers the modern picture of the technology, but it also offers with its cultural highlights. You can simply check it out by taking a wander around the cruise around the Dubai Creek and the walk through Batsakis district for discovering the old heritage of Dubai. There are many different places to visit in Dubai. Make sure you’re not forgetting any while travelling there. But, But, But!! Don’t forget to take your camera, Capture each and every moment of the place to visit in Dubai.

Places to visit in Dubai:


Let’s start up the journey by visiting the old heritage and the ancient Dubai. The general history states that the Bastakia – the old village was built in the late 18th to 19th century. It was stated as the home of the wealthy and rich Persian merchants, who mainly traded in textiles and pearls. And were attracted to Dubai because of its tax free land and it was easy to access to the great Dubai Creek.

Mainly Bastakia consist of the area of eastern section of Bur Dubai attached to the coral and the creek beauty and the limestone architecture. Here you’ll observe any tops sections of the building covered with wind towers. They are preserved excellently for the travellers to enjoy the scenic ancient beauty of Dubai. It’s rated in the list of best places to visit in Dubai.

The Persian merchants are likely to transplant this form of architectural element from their home country to the areas of gulf. In the district of Bastakia you’ll find any of the interesting elements of ancient Dubai like Majlis gallery that offers you with the view over the collection of ancient and historical Arab furniture and ceramics and there is another XVA gallery that consists of the preservation of art collection of Dubai.

Burj Khalifa:

Day light image of Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa, Dubai

We all are familiar with the landmark building of Dubai, The Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is ranked to be the world’s largest and tallest building. It is 830 meters tall up high in the sky. But for making the traveler’s entertainment and exploration towards the building, observatory deck is the best place for enjoying the scenic beauty of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai too. It’s on the 124th floor. It’s ranked in the list of best places to visit in Dubai. A must do thing while you’re visiting to Dubai. For enjoying the staggering perspective and the bird’s eye view, simply step up on the observation deck and enjoy the scene further.

The observation deck includes the experience for different multimedia presentations on both the Burj Khalifa and Dubai. It’s said that the high speed of the elevator travels to and reaches to the 60th level just in a minute. Isn’t it amazing guys!!

Well, you’ll simply enjoy the scenic view of ocean on a side and desert on the other side of Dubai. Fir the travelers loving night life experience, it is popular with the photographers because of its famous and popular city light panoramas. For the travelers who hate waiting in line, it’s advisable of booking the ticket of visiting the top most entrance in advance. It will help you in exploring your dream as soon as possible.

Back to its ground, the building is personified with beautiful gardens and the walk ways that will increase your curiosity of exploring more. How can we forget the Dubai fountain? The fountain covered around the area of Burj Khalifa replicate the beauty of its construction and architecture. It is among the world’s tallest performing fountain that you can simply enjoy by visiting the places in Dubai.

Dubai Aquarium:

Dubai aquarium is considered in the list top most attractions in Dubai. The Dubai aquarium consists of over 140 to 150 species of marine life, which are preserved and spacious too. It is in the huge suspended tank on the ground floor the famous Dubai Mall. Travelers should not miss the place to visit in Dubai.

Even if you enter up the mall from the area of underwater zoo, you can also walk through the aquarium tunnels. You can watch it or even free viewing is allowed. Well, for the travelers, you can have a varied of look and better yet a closer look to the sea like. Myriad of activities offers you with a beautiful view of observing the marine life even more closely.

Burj Al-Arab:

Evening view of Burj Al-Arab
Burj Al-Arab, Dubai

Burj Al-Arab is stated and mentioned as the tallest hotel in the world. It is standing 322 meters high from the ground level. Well, it is located in its own artificial island and on the coastline of it. The appearance of Burj Al-Arab is designed with significance and is choreographed with beautiful lightings in the night.

But, it’s advisable of let the travelers know that is amongst the most expensive hotels in the world. But it offers with all the luxurious and leisure rooms and suites. Approximately it’s suite for one night costs to more than $16000. If the budget is out of your reach, you can simply book the table for enjoying a skyline tea with your beloved and make him or her feel the most special one in your life.

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