Top Festivals Around The World

Celebration of festivals around the world
Top festivals around the world

Festivals are an inseparable part of our history. Life would be so boring and dull if there would be no festivals in the world. Festivals around the world have different cultural significance. Festivals around the world came into existence because of some history and cultural touch but now they are taken as a source of enjoyment. If you are travelling too much, you must know about the festivals around the world, their significance and the time during which they are celebrated. This will give your lifetime experience of travelling. Going to the countries during their festivals will make your visit memorable and interesting. You will get to know the country better and would be able to explore the rich history of that country. There are plenty of festivals around the world, some of them you might have heard of while some of them you might not be aware about. Here is a list of festivals around the world which will make you curious to go and celebrate.

  • Carnival, Rio de janeiro

This festival is considered as one of the best festivals around the world and if possible you must attend this festival at least once in your life. This festival around the world is considered as one of the biggest carnival across the globe consisting of two million people every day on the street. The first carnival of Rio was held in 1823 and since it is become so popular attracting so many visitors every year. Basically the parade of Rio carnival is filled up with floats, adornments, revelers from plenty of samba schools situated in Rio. This one of the best festivals around the world takes place during summer, so if you are finding a vacation spot for summer, takes this one into account. There are many festivals celebrated in Brazil but this festival tops not only in Brazil but in the list of top festivals around the world.

  • Chinese new year

Festival of Chinese new year
Chinese new year celebration

One of the best festivals around the world to be celebrated is Chinese New Year. Fireworks, dragons, lanterns, flowers, symbolic clothing and lots and lots of celebrations are all what involves in Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is one of the most important days of whole china and is also popular as spring festival. This one of the best festivals around the world starts from the eve of Chinese New Year till the last of the last month of the calendar where there is lantern festival on the first month 15th day, making this festival one of the longest festival in the whole Chinese year.

  • Boryeong Mud festival, South Korea

Boryeong is one of the tops festivals around the world which happens in the summer days. It’s a kind of festivals which awakes the child inside you. This festival has a tradition to make yourself and your friends dirty with the mud. You can smash mud all over your body and throw it on your friends and relatives and have lots and lots of fun doing that. If you are bored with this then you can have mud prison, mud slides, mud pools and mud skiing to have fun from. You also have live music, acupuncture and also display of marvelous fireworks.

  • Harbin snow and ice festival, China

It is such a festival which exhibits the amazing sculptures of ice and snow. It’s really fabulous to see how excited people are and what beautiful things people made out of snow and ice. These sculptures are made from ice and snow and when they are decorated with lighting and lasers, it can create magic. These is included in the top festivals around the world as it has lot to offer and you can find it out by visiting it yourself.

  • Full moon party, Thailand

The home of full moon party is Haad Rin and it consists of almost 3000 to 5000 people and when I say people, it’s not just people, its mad and crazy bundle of people. It is said to be the nightlife capital of the island. This place has the huge collection of beach clubs which attracts plenty of people who ultimately comes together and spent some really rocking time. Approximately there are 12 huge sound systems which are running across the beach which caters about 8000 to 12000 customers in weak season and 15000 to 18000 during peak season and have the capacity to cater even 30000 people during the time of New Year. Among this party people, there is also plenty of lovely DJ which shows their tune and amuses the public gathered in the place. This truly deserves to be included in top festivals around the world.

  • Burning man festival, Black rock desert, Nevada, USA

Burning man festival in nevada
View of burning man festival

Burning man festival is an annual festival which gathers people amounting to 48000 in this place. Its grand festival and you must try and see by yourself this amazing festival included in the list of top festivals around the world. This festival is organized in the black rock desert and is all about expressing the art and individuality of different people. This event derives its name from traditional burning of a giant effigy which is lighted on the Saturday evening. This festival is basically described as an experiment in the art, community, self-reliance and self-expression. For understanding it n deeper manner, you need to visit it. Those who have visited this festival recommend going for at least once in your life time.

  • Bulls running, Spain

Now this sounds to be very dangerous festival and yes it is. Participate only if you have dare and courage. This festival is really something very different and it takes its place in the list of top festivals around the world. This festival involves a group of bulls let’s say some dozens of bulls running in the streets of Spain. If you want to run, you can participate and run in front of the bulls for really great experience. Every single year there are some 200 to 300 people getting injured? Are you up for this run? If yes do visit Spain.

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