Top Places to Explore in Norway

Norway - Scenic view
Welcome to Norway

Are you interested in natural as well as cultural beauty? Well, Norway is the perfect choice for the travelers. There are many tourist attractions available in Norway that should not be missed by the travelers. It offers both natural as well as the cultural wonders. Taking from the cosmopolitan Oslo to its endless beauty of dense forest and snowcapped mountains is the ultimate thing to explore in Norway. Travelers are available with many unspoiled areas to explore that might increase the attraction of tourist for visiting it again and again. Well, I simply can say that there are no end to the choices and places to explore in Norway for the travelers to this endless might night sun and don’t forget the stunning view of northern lights which increases the excitement of visiting Norway.

Norway offers the travelers to one of the best sighting seeing chances, whether exploring it by the beautiful coastal steamers or boats or simply by taking the rails for further. It is amongst the world’s most prosperous nations. Norway offers the scenic beauty of different museums just about showing each and every important aspect of the cultural view as well as the historical and ancient view too. Don’t forget to watch out for the entertainment and the art section of Norway too. It covers everything from the art section to the Vikings to fishing and seafaring. It offers better and classic view of spectacular scenic sites, taking from its beautiful fjords to its spectacular glaciers and mountains. In fact there are many such mountains and glaciers that can easily be accessed by the tourists for enjoying the beauty of northern lights.

Places to visit in Norway:

Arctic Circle:

Arctic circle, Norway
Gorgeous view of Arctic circle

Don’t miss the view and the mesmerizing sight of the northern lights that are offered by Norway. It is listed in the list of visiting different places to explore in Norway. A beautiful part of northern Norway is situated within the Arctic Circle. A simple fact that the country has the top most two attractions and one is the Arctic Circle.

First thing is to watch out for the midnight sun which is a beautiful thin g to explore. It is an impressive and interesting sight of view. Well, during the summer months, surrounded by the summer solstice, this latitudes over endless days when the sun doesn’t sets so early.

But, But, But!! Wait a minute; don’t miss to capture a photo of the spectacular Aurora Borealis that offers with an endless choice of scenic views. They are also known by the name of northern lights. And trust me folks, it really steals the show during winters. It is caused when electrically charged elements emitted by the sun are caught up with the earth’s magnetic field. It produces striking lighting effects on the upper most atmosphere of the nature is something what all we have fantasied of.

It is on the heights of between 45 to 620 miles from the earth’s atmosphere. It simply offers with the view of sky allowing the spectacular bluish arc of lights, shimmering curtains, glowing coronas and different aurora that is spreading all over the sky in a constant movement.

Rail routes in Norway:

You might be thinking why rail routes, what’s so special in the rail routes to explore in Norway? But, let me tell you there’s no other better way of exploring Norway, than to see it with the help of taking the rail route. Enjoy the Norway’s stunning view of countryside by taking the rails as your traveling and transporting way.

Norway is a mountainous country; in fact it has the largest rail routes for more than 2000 to 3000 miles, which encounters along the way including 776 tunnels and an average of 3000 bridges. Let me tell you, the best scenic and beautiful view begins from Oslo. It also includes the Bergen Railways that runs over the hardangervidda mountain plateau.

In Fact I can say, you can follow up and explore the entire nation, Norway by taking rails as your traveling and transporting feature. Eve, you can take the benefits of enjoying the pedal powered rail tricycles that enjoying the abandoned rail lines or the routes on your own.

The Atlantic Ocean Road:

One of the 18th national tourist routes in Norway, The Atlantic Ocean Road is something different that you can add up in your traveling history. It is not simply the vital connection to the maze of tiny islands to serve but it offers a different lure of anglers. It helps in offering the visitors for reaching as close to the sea as possible.

It has gained one of the most spectacular coastal highway road which is although only stretched for 5 miles long, but has grabbed the reputation of beauty for exist till now.


Beautiful view of Geirangerfjord
Geirangerfjord, Norway

Want explore a beautiful part of fjord Norway? Well, Geirangerfjord is the best place which is suitable for you and your family members for the trip. It is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. The Geirangerfjord region of Norway offers some of the finest beauty and scenic sight. If you love to be in nature, it’s the best place you should not miss while visiting Norway as your destination of trip.

It offers some of most spectacular and beautiful views of the country. And for catching one of the best views is by visiting the summit of Dalsnibba. It is 4908 feet above the ground level which is something wow that you should not miss at all.

Geirangerfjord is surrounded by beautiful mountains and there are numerous regions that offer breathtaking experiences to the travelers. Even, you can take the benefits of number of boat tours and trips while you’re exploring the place. If you planning to take a drive by yourself, it’s advisable of taking the winding Eagles; Road because it offers some of the most scenic views that you might haven’t seen yet.

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