What Is The Best Time To Book A Flight

Best time of flight booking
Flight booking at cheaper rates

Every traveller’s holy grail is to look for flights and the rates from time to time. The destination which has almost 100 routes is bound to be clustered with bookings but destinations to where the flights are limited do not get easy booking. Research conducted in U.K suggests that flight booking should take place 53 days in advance. On an average this would make your rate cheap by 29%. Apart from the days time of the flight also matters. Earlier Tuesday was supposed to be the cheapest day for travel but now Sunday has become the new cheapest day to travel.

According to Airlines Reporting Corporation, the fares of domestic flights should be booked 8 weeks before as it gives you 19% less than the average price. It s a myth that booking early fetches you cheaper flights rather it will give you the desired seat that you want. Today the flight discounts have become flexible and on any given occasion the rates are cheaper and on some occasions high. The flight tickets booking from Asian countries vary from that of American and European countries. While in Asia weekdays usually fetch goo drates in flights in outside countries weekends are cheaper. Certain steps that you should follow to get the best deals are as follows:-

• Advance planning by signing up for alerts of e-mails- for going to a specific destination you have to enrol in the cheapest flight alert category. Best prices are provided by the Airfare Watchdogs both in the case of departure and arrival so make sure that you look into both. Variation occurs in domestic as well as in international flights but booking it early is safe.

• Time when the flights are cheap- usually on Monday night the airlines post the sale of the week for flight rates. Then on the succeeding days the prices are matched of the competitor’s sale. Search for best deals on Tuesday and Wednesdays. During vacations the prices are usually high so booking the flight early is good.

• Browsing through sites of aggregate for fares- there are too many sites for airline travelling and tours but there are calendars that are provided and hence you can check the price time and again. Nearby airports are also included in your search category. You have to take care that not all airlines are included so you have to go to the specific sites and search.

• Shop for flight tickets thinking that you are from different country- it is often the case that purchasing for air tickets not from your home country saves you lot of money. If you want to go to Thailand from America then you should check the price from Thailand airlines as that makes sense.

At times you get plain, lucky when the deals are announced and given in newspapers and it makes it less of a hassle for you to travel by flight. Business class and economic class usually have offers at different times.