Witnessing the Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef

Varied fihes in Great Barrier Reef
Underwater beauty of Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is a distant paradise still has abundant fishery resources and diverse marine life to marvel, and the possibility of hidden secrets kept by the sea and time to discover. Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous places in the world for diving enthusiasts. In the waters of Great Barrier Reef there are about twenty five thousand kinds of visible bodies with infinite variety of shapes and colors, so it is a natural habitat of thousands of species that inhabit the oceans. Also this place has been a big trap for navigation and full of debris and stranded ships sunk during the last five hundred years.

If you love diving and snorkeling, Great Barrier Reef give you an unforgettable and unique experience as you can see one of the largest coral treasures in the world, delay to your pupils with many colors and can witness the beauty that nature offers us marina. Under the water first identify what are sponges, sea fans and whips, and isolated colonies of hard corals and a huge variety of colorful reef fish like angel, chalk- chi, the surgeon, butterfly, squirrel, sergeant minnows or tiny that hundreds are hidden under the rock from where voids and create a lively silver stain impossible to play because the stretching hand away quickly.

The waters off the reef lagoon, connected to the open sea, with an average depth of five meter, but the most interesting place is the presence of land, which is scarce but allows visitors to stay in any of the four islands in distributed center and the north and south ends. Fishermen have made small houses prints and cardboard to use as temporary camps in the Central zone which as its name implies, is the largest and most central of the four islands , so it is used as a center of tourist arrivals to arrive to photograph, film and swim among these beautiful corals.